Asbestos, Soft Demolition & Hazardous Waste Removal, Brisbane

Demolition &

Building materials in Brisbane that contain hazardous or dangerous materials such as asbestos, need to be soft demolished (Removing the hazard but leaving the structure intact). Because of the health risks involved during the demolition process, a licensed contractor such as is able to legally and safely remove the waste with the expertise that comes with years in the hazardous waste business.

Asbestos, Demolition &
Disposal Brisbane

Because of the high level of asbestos used in the construction of many homes in Brisbane between the early 1940s right through to the late 1980s, hazardous materials such as asbestos will often be found during the demolition of the property or planning a renovation. Asbestos is found in may building and demolition materials such as carpet underlay, certain insulation materials and often in roofs. Asbestos can also be found in walls, ceilings and some electrical fittings.

N.A.T.A. Accredited Testing

N.A.T.A. ( National Association Of Testing Authorities, Australia) is the governing body that certifies or accredits license holders to enable them to carry out asbestos and other hazardous waste management in Australia. Although different states and territories may have their own standards and legislation in place, N.A.T.A. is the incumbent official training and certification authority.

Our fully licensed and accredited ASBESTOFF demolition team in Brisbane, manages all of your asbestos testing, soft demolition and removal in one easy, prompt and professional service. Once asbestos or any hazardous material is detected during deconstruction or renovations, our team will come up with a cost effective, safe and manageable work flow to ensure that timelines are met.

Residential & Commercial

ASBESTOFF Demolition Brisbane manages residential, industrial and commercial asbestos demolition and safe removal. We also manage soft demolition for apartments, hi rise and unit blocks. We appreciate that many home owners will have a strict budget and that businesses can’t afford downtime. That is why we work with home owners, strata titles and project managers in Brisbane to meet deadlines and make budget.

Finance Options

ASBESTOFF Brisbane understands that the health and safety of your home or business is a huge priority. That is why we provide easy finance options to eligible clients. The long term investment in property safety will always be a value addition. Many experienced buyers will have their own asbestos and hazardous building materials agenda in mind. This will apply especially to properties in Brisbane built in the 40’s or 80’s.